Harbor Walk Townhouse Association Documents

The files below have been converted to text from the original documents. We believe the content is exactly the same as the original documents, with additions as authorized by the Board in recent years.

HWTA Joint Venture Declaration  (pdf 1.0 MB)
HWTA Supplemental Declaration  (pdf 65.2 KB)
HWTA Articles of Incorporation  (pdf 71.9 KB)
HWTA By Laws  (pdf 1.3 MB) (updated 2013)

The files below are scanned images of the original documents and they are quite large. They do not reflect changes made in recent years.

HWTA Joint Venture Declaration  (pdf 20.4 MB)
HWTA Articles of Incorporation  (pdf 6.6 MB)
HWTA By Laws  (pdf 41.3 MB)