State and Federal Contacts

Governor Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr.Web site, phone 410-974-3901, and email
Lt. Governor Boyd RutherfordWeb site, phone 410-974-3901, and email
State Senator William C. Ferguson IVWeb site, phone 410-841-3600, and
State Delegate Luke H. ClippingerWeb site, phone 410-841-3303, and
State Delegate Brooke E. LiermanWeb site, phone 410-841-3319, and
State Delegate Robbyn T. LewisWeb site, phone 410-841-3772, and
Senator Benjamin L. CardinWeb site, phone 410-962-4436 (local) and 202-224-4524 (DC), and email
Senator Christopher Van Hollen, Jr.Web site, phone 410-962-4436 (local) and 202-224-4654 (DC), and email
Representative Elijah Cummings (see Note)Web site, phone 410-685-9199 (local) and 202-225-4741 (DC), and email
Representative John Sarbanes (see Note)Web site, phone 410-832-8890 (local) and 202-225-4016 (DC), and email
Note: The Otterbein neighborhood sits on the boundary of two legislative districts for the US House of Representatives. Use this site to locate your state and federal elected representatives.