The Otterbein Community is split between two ZIP code areas: 21201 on the north side of the neighborhood and 21230 on the south. Properties from Lee Street and northward are in 21201. Those south of Lee are generally in 21230.

The main Post Office for Baltimore City, located at 900 East Fayette Street, handles mail service for ZIP code 21201. Packages and other mail from zip code 21201 must be picked up at a facility in the rear of the main post office on 1000 East Lexington Street. A postal substation is located at 146 West Ostend Street, just west of the intersection with S. Hanover Street, and handles the mail services for ZIP code 21230 (the Post Office now shows the address of this facility as 1220 Race Street, around the corner from the Ostend Street address). Residents in the 21230 zip code pick up their packages and other mail at this location. Information on Post Office locations is at this site.

Trash and Recycling Collection

Trash is picked up every Wednesday morning, usually after 7 AM. There is no trash pick up on the following City Holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Birthday, Presidents’ Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day,Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Election Day. Trash pick-ups are made on Barre, Lee, Hill, Hughes and Sharp Streets, Welcome and York Alleys and Hanover Street. Residents of the 600 block of Hanover are to place their trash on the sidewalk in York Alley (not on the grass). Residents of the 400 block of Hanover are to place trash at the rear. Concrete trash containers located on sidewalks and in the parks are not for deposit of resident’s trash.

The City provides municipal trash cans to every residential address that receives trash collection by the City. Do not leave your trash out on the sidewalk at times other than the night before pick up. Trash placed out the night before pickup should not go out before 7 PM. If your trash is spilled, you are responsible for cleaning it up. Baltimore City Sanitation police are authorized to fine residents for violations and will use name information found in trash to identify offenders.

The City also provides a bulk trash pick up service, which must be scheduled in advance by web or phone (311).


Recycling is collected every Friday, unless that day is a holiday (see holiday list above). In early 2008, the City began single stream recycling. Under this approach, all recycling is collected together. For more information, please see the city recycling web site.