Parking in Otterbein

Parking Permits

Otterbein constitutes Permit Parking Area #8 under the City of Baltimore Parking Authority’s Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Program. For a precise definition of the lots included in Area 8, please see the City’s Parking Authority website. An area #8 parking decal must be displayed at all times in the windshield for resident vehicles parked on the street. Visitors to Area #8 must obtain a visitor-parking pass from a resident and display it on the dashboard of their vehicles during those hours.

The Parking Authority of Baltimore City administers the RPP Program. Decals and visitor passes can be obtained from the Parking Authority at 200 W Lombard St, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays. Applications and further information can be found on the residential parking permit website and at 443-573-2800. This page shows the specific blocks in Otterbein that participate in the RPP.

Parking decals and passes for Area #8 are renewed annually during January, and carry a February 1st effective date. Residents should renew online beginning in mid to late December. Special pick-up hours are typically arranged on one weekday evening and one Saturday morning in late January. The RPP office maintains a web page for each participating neighborhood. This page provides information about Otterbein Area #8.

To obtain decals, specific proof of residency must be provided (see the RPP web site for details). Each household can generally purchase a decal for each vehicle registered minus the number of official off-street parking spaces for that Area #8 address plus two visitor permits.

Visitor passes are intended only for the short-term use of persons who are visiting Otterbein residents. Visitor permits may not be loaned, sold or otherwise misused and may be voided under such conditions. No lost or stolen visitor permits will be replaced.

With the frequent change of owners and renters for many of the Area #8 housing units, there is a constant problem with Permit Parking program abuse. It has been only through the cooperative efforts of the residents, the Association and Baltimore City that the number of abusers has been kept to a minimum. All residents of Area #8 are asked to report to the association any person abusing the RPP Program.

Street Sweeping

Since April, 2014, the City began a program of mechanical street sweeping. Our neighborhood is in the southwest section of the city and is swept on the third and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Odd sides of each street are swept on the third Wednesday and even sides on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Please make an effort to move your vehicles out of the way on those days.