There are seven park areas within the Otterbein Community Association:

  • Hill Street, between Hughes Street and Hill
  • Hermitage Square, at Sharp Street between Hill and Montgomery Streets
  • York Street, between Hill and York Streets
  • Concert, between York and Lee Streets
  • Homesteader, between Lee Street and Welcome Alley
  • Flower Bed, also between Lee and Welcome Alley
  • Welcome Alley, between Welcome Alley and Barre Streets

The Harbor Walk Townhouse Association maintains these parks:

  • Wheel Park, center of 600 block of Hanover Street
  • Hill Street Gardens, east and west ends of the unit block of Hill Street
  • Hanover Square, Hanover and Barre Streets
  • Hughes Street Garden, corner of S Charles and W Hughes Streets


Animals must be kept in a humane manner without health or safety hazard and without nuisance. Baltimore City’s Animal Control Ordinance No. 708 includes the following: Dogs over four months of age must have a valid license. Dogs and cats over four months of age must have a valid rabies vaccination. Dogs must wear identification on their collars when outdoor. Dogs when outdoors must be leashed at all times to prevent dog bites, damage to property, spread of disease to people and other animals, turning over garbage cans, and creating unsanitary conditions. Animal bites must be reported to the health department and/or police. Owners are responsible for the removal of excreta deposited by their animals.